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    Shift-It in the press

    Shift-It Grime Buster sponge

    Tester: Andy Downes

    Time used: One year

    What’s good?

    What’s good? For something so cheap the results from this sponge are really good. Once wet, it slices through even the most stubborn of splattered flies to leave a clean visor without scratching it. All you need once this sponge has done the job is a clean cloth to give the visor a wipe over for a clear view of the road ahead. Once crusted with flies all it takes is a quick rinse and it’s fighting fit again. It’s survived a year of use and shows no sign of wear yet. What’s not? There simply aren’t any downsides.

    What’s not?       There simply aren’t any downsides.

    Quality rating: ★★★★★ Value rating: ★★★★★



    Motor Cycle News


    Helmet & Visor Cleaner

    'The plus side of using Shift-It is that the helmet & visor repelled water better'

    The News Magazine of the Metropolitan Police Motor Club



    Grime Buster

    "I've never found anything so effective at removing even the most heavily baked on bugs"

    Bike Magazine


    Helmet & Visor Cleaner

    "Shift-It easily removes all dirt & flies from your visor in a couple of squirts"

    Ride Magazine



    Grime Buster

    "It does exactly what it's meant to - cleans your lid with no fuss and no scratching"

    Verdict 10/10

    Bike Magazine




    "This product worked reasonably well both in the lab and on the road. It was very easy to wipe on"

    Ride Magazine


    Helmet & Visor Cleaner

    "Contained in a very handy size bottle, the contents are well capable of performing the task in hand, but it is the convenience of the package that makes it a winner" 

    Second Hand Bike



    Shift-It products

    "The Shift-It range does the job well, and gives you everything you could ever need when it comes to looking after your kit."

    Motorcycle Sport & Leisure



    Leather Clean & Feed

    "The results were excellent. The colours were restored and there is still plenty left in the 125ml bottle"

    Verdict: "I wish I'd discovered it before. Makes the kit last longer"

    Ride Magazine



    Helmet Sanitiser

    "A bottle of helmet sanitizer from Shift-It allows bike riders to clean the inside of their helmets instead of buying a new one" 

    The Times (motoring supplement)



    Helmet Sanitiser

    "The sanitiser quickly refreshes the inside of your lid leaving it clean and sweet smelling. It soon returned my Arai to as new condition"

    Motorcycle News



    Helmet Care Kit

    "Look after your helmet and it will look after you, the Helmet Care Kit will keep your lid in top nick for years"

    Biking Times



    Shift-It Range

    "This range of care products includes everything your ever likely to need to keep your lid in A1 condition"

    T.W.O. Magazine (Helmet Guide)



    Helmet & Visor Cleaner

    "This Shift-It does work better than Mr Sheen, Give it a squirt and the flies almost fly off"

    Performance Bikes


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